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Qualification name Non regulated Community Learning provision, Crafts, Creative Arts and Design
Qualification level X
Awarding organisation Generic award - no awarding body
Course type Online
Course start date 11th February 2021
Cost £0.00
Cost description A fee maybe required if you do not meet the full eligibility criteria, please see our website for further details

Who this course is for

With Valentine s day on the way and roses a popular choice of gift to celebrate the tradition, how would like to have a go at making some beautiful paper roses from table napkins. They are a wonderful alternative to fresh flowers and can be used to decorate or display at home as well as making a unique gift for someone special.If you like roses and crafting, this is the perfect workshop for you.

Entry requirements

This course is delivered online and provided free of charge. You will, however, need a computer or a tablet with a stable internet connection, as well as a built in or external microphone and camera to attend the course. In addition, you will need to provide your own resources as listed below: -? Cereal box.? Plain paper table napkins in a colour of your choice.? Pencil.? Paper cutting scissors.? Roll of green florists tape.? Garden canes or bamboo skewers.? Florists wire, optional,

What you'll learn

You will be guided, by our tutor, through the processes needed to turn paper table napkins into beautiful, true to life, 3d roses.?? The session is designed to promote sharing ideas in a supportive setting where your creativity will unfold, and you will be proud of your handiwork.??? All that is left is to decide where you will put your roses, or who you will be giving them to.?

How you'll be assessed

Your tutor will give practical demonstrations, have discussions, set tasks, give feedback and will support you throughout the workshop

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