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Qualification name Non regulated SFA formula funded provision, Entry Level, Crafts, Creative Arts and Design, 21 to 44 hrs, PW C
Qualification level E
Awarding organisation Generic award - no awarding body
Course type Classroom based
Course hours Part-time
Course start date 26th April 2023
Cost £449.00
Cost description Senior fee: 359 Concession: 292
Attendance pattern Evening

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Fancy working on your own jewellery projects in a professional workshop with an expert tutor? Join our interactive Jewellery Design Lab to perfect your skills, try different techniques, and discover new design approaches. Develop your own projects with expert guidance, and step outside your comfort zone to produce top-quality piecesyour own jewellery designs?

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- Understand the working properties of metal and other materials - Master a range of techniques used in the making of pieces - Use a range of hand tools and types of machinery with confidence - Design jewellery following your own or a set project brief - Recognise and implement good health and safety practice in the workshop.

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Please check the City Lit website for details.

Find out what material you will need.

City Lit provides most of the tools and equipment you will need for jewellery-making, and basic materials in reasonable quantities such as base metals, paper, enamel, chemicals, and sundries (etching resist, polishing compound etc.) However you will need to buy some specific items such as saw blades, precious metals, and stones. You will also need a sketchbook for your design work and to write notes. As you gain experience you might want to invest in your own tools.

City Lit offer a wide range of short and year-long courses in Jewellery design and making, from beginners to advanced, and for professional development.

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Name Keeley Street
Address 1-10 Keeley Street
Covent Garden
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