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Qualification name Non regulated Adult skills formula funded provision, Entry Level, Health and Social Care, 7 to 12 hrs, PW B
Qualification level E
Awarding organisation Generic award - no awarding body
Course type Classroom based
Course hours Part-time
Course start date 26th March 2023
Cost £209.00
Attendance pattern Weekend

Discover the learning experience and opportunities you can expect from this course.

Learn how to use Reiki symbols for distance healing. To be eligible for this intensive workshop you need to be familiar with all the hand positions learned on 'Reiki stage 1 Certificate' and have practised Reiki regularly on yourself.

Find out what qualifications and skills you will need for this course.

You won't need a formal interview, but you may need to complete an assessment or speak to a member of our team to check that this is the right level for you.

View the key features of this course.

- Define and apply the three Reiki symbols - Describe the subtle energy bodies and the chakras and explain their relevance to Reiki healing - Demonstrate understanding of how to send Reiki through distance healing and beaming - Demonstrate scanning the aura - Channel Reiki to 2nd Degree level.

Understand how the course will be delivered.

Talks and demonstrations by the tutor, pair work, group work, practical tasks, questions and answers, discussions. You will also take part in group attunements - a simple sacred ceremony.

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The manual is included in the cost of the course.

Set up your own Reiki practice or incorporate Reiki into your existing therapeutic work. Work towards Reiki Master Certificate.

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Name Kean Street Wellbeing Centre
Address Kean Street
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