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Qualification name Extended Certificate in Applied Science
Qualification level 3
Awarding organisation AQA Education
Course type Classroom based
Course hours Full-time
Course start date 2nd September 2024
Cost description Free for students enrolled in Y12, Y13 or Y14. For information on Newcastle Schools 16-19 Bursary Scheme please visit:
Attendance pattern Daytime

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if you are interested in how science is used in a variety of workplaces, applied science is for you. You will look in detail at scientific organisations and investigate the techniques used in research laboratories and in the chemical and energy industries. You also learn how to collect data and study how the human body works. The course explores both practical and theoretical aspects of how science is used in healthcare centres, forensics, sports centres and other settings where science is used.

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5 and 4 in Combined Science & aps of 4, or 5 and 4 in Triple Science & aps of 4

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The course is split into three units. Unit 1 - Key concepts of Science. In this unit you will develop an understanding on key concepts in science and its application, building on your knowledge from previous studies. You will study Biology, going over concepts like cell structure, transport mechanisms, the heart, homeostasis, breathing and cellular respiration, and photosynthesis and food chain productivity; Chemistry, in which you will study atomic structure, the periodic table, bonding and structure, and enthalpy changes; and Physics, studying useful energy and efficiency, electricity and circuits, and dynamics. Unit 2 - Applied Experimental Technique. In this unit you will be introduced to new experimental techniques, to reinforce methods met previously and to enable you to apply these methods to new situations. You will study: Applied Biology, looking at the rate of respiration and light dependent reaction is photosynthesis; Applied Chemistry, such as volumetric analysis and colorimetric analysis; and Applied Physics, studying resistivity and specific heat capacity. Unit 3 - Science in the Modern World. This unit will enable you to develop your ability to interpret information, to process and present data, and to evaluate its usefulness. You will study: Topical scientific issues obtained from a variety of sources, the public perception of science, and the ethical, moral, commercial, and political issues in scientific advances.

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A wide variety of teaching methods will be used from supported self-study to traditional teaching. You will also perform a lot of experiments and make extensive use of ICT to prepare your portfolio work. 30% of this course is portfolio assessed.

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Unit 1: Written examination lasting 1 hour 30 minutes. Mathematical formulas and copies of the periodic table will be provided. Unit 2: Internally assessed Portfolio containing: six reports, six risk assessments, and one witness confirmation form complete by the tutor. Unit 3: Written examination lasting 1 hour 30 minutes. Some of the questions will be based on an article released several months in advance of the exam by the examining authority.

This is a broad-based qualification in Applied Science which will help to prepare you for vocational or higher education courses that include work on human biology, health, environment, or sport science. It could also prepare you for work in the health or leisure areas, or in sports and provides progression to science related courses in further or higher education.

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Name Gosforth Academy
Address Knightsbridge
Great North Road, Gosforth
Newcastle upon Tyne
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Phone 0191 285 1000

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