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Qualification name GCE A2 Level Business Studies
Qualification level 3
Awarding organisation AQA Education
Course type Classroom based
Course hours Full-time
Course start date 1st September 2023
Cost £0.00
Cost description State funded sixth form
Attendance pattern Daytime

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The business studies course aims to encourage students to develop an enthusiasm for studying business and to gain a holistic understanding of the subject. Throughout the course you will develop a critical understanding of organisations and their ability to meet society’s needs and wants, as well as awareness that business behaviour can be studied from a range of perspectives. You will generate enterprising and creative solutions to business problems and issues and become familiar with the ethical dilemmas and responsibilities faced by organisations and individuals. In addition to this you will acquire a range of relevant business and generic skills, including decision making, problem solving, challenging assumptions and quantifying and managing information.

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AQA A level Business Studies specification will be taught throughout the two years. The specification in Year 1 includes core knowledge, understanding and skills in the areas of marketing; accounting and finance; people in organisations; and operations management. The second part of the A level specification includes core knowledge, understanding and skills in business objectives and strategy; external influences; business analysis; and managing change.

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What will I be doing in lessons? The business world is ever changing and any change is widely reported in the media, as result of this business news items are often used in lessons to inform discussions. Articles and case studies are also regularly used. Group work is also a common feature.

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Units 1 to 6 are assessed through two examination papers which are 1 hour 30 mins each for AS level. Units 1 to 10 are assessed through three examination papers which are 2 hours each for A level

Students that take this subject often go on
to study business in more detail or a related
area such as marketing, finance, accounting, or
economics. Alternatively students go on to degree
apprenticeships with firms such as PWC or KPMG.
However the knowledge and skills gained through the
course are relevant to a very wide range of subject

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Name Langley Grammar School
Address Reddington Drive
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Phone 01753 598300

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