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Qualification name GCE A Level in Physics
Qualification level 3
Awarding organisation AQA Education
Learning method Classroom based
Course hours Full-time
Course start date 3rd September 2024
Cost description 0
Attendance pattern Daytime

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An important part of Physics is the description of phenomena using mathematical models to help understand the physical ideas. For this reason, a good grasp of the fundamentals of mathematics is essential. The syllabus studied (AQA), is designed to suit not only those who wish to go on to study further physics, but also those who go on to other studies, such as Medicine, Chemistry, Economics and Engineering, where Physics skills are used. Practical work forms an integral part of the course and helps you to appreciate how theoretical ideas can be tested and justified. It also helps to develop an understanding of, and the ability to use, some of the main instruments and techniques of experimental Physics. Students of Physics should have intellectual curiosity; they should want to know, and how to find out, about the physical world in which they live. Students should derive interest, enjoyment and a sense of achievement from their study of Physics and should, at the end of the course, be willing and able to learn more about the subject.

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GCSE Grade 7

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Examination board: AQA A-level 7408 Examinations: A-level Paper 1: 2 hours, 34% of A level. A mix of long answer, short answer and 25 multiple choice questions. Paper 2: 2 hours, 34% of A level. A mix of long answer, short answer and 25 multiple choice questions. Paper 3: 2 hours, 32% of A level. 45 marks on practical experiments and data analysis. 35 marks on optional topic. Coursework: No coursework as such.

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Name Queen Mary's Grammar School
Address 46 Sutton Road
West Midlands
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