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Qualification name GCE A Level in Physics
Qualification level 3
Awarding organisation AQA Education
Course type Classroom based
Course hours Full-time
Course start date 4th September 2024
Cost £0.00
Attendance pattern Daytime

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The A Level Physics course takes you into the heart of what is widely regarded as the most fundamental of all sciences. Studying physics can see you grasping the scope of massive galaxies or probing the tiniest component particles of atoms. Physics is the study of how everything works and the basic rules of the universe and is full of challenges and opportunities. A Level Physics can also lead to a wide range of career opportunities. A level Physics is suited to pupils who have an interest in, and enjoy physics and are keen to find out how the Physical world works. Pupils should enjoy applying their mind to solving problems and carrying out investigations. Pupils must have strong mathematical skills and find solving mathematical problems satisfying.

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Students need to have achieved at least a grade 7 or above in both GCSE Core and Additional Science, or GCSE Physics. *It would also be beneficial for students taking A level Physics to consider taking A Level Maths also.

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Name St Michael’s Catholic College
Address Llewellyn Street
SE16 4UN
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Phone 0207 237 6432

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